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The Future

Derek at Thrislington Quarry, Durham, doing some Permian fishing.

Derek at Thrislington Quarry, Durham, doing some Permian fishing.


First a little background. I have spent forty years walking the hills, fields and coast of north east Engalnd, and I often take groups of people out to see the landscape and geology. I also have an interest in geodiversity, which is the latest buzzword for protecting our geological and landscape heritage. All of which raises some interesting questions: where are the best places to go? How would you find out where to visit?

I hope to build this site into a comprehensive resource of all the best geological sites in north east England. It will be a long job, but I shall take it one site at a time.


  • My particular interest lies with sediments formed within the last few million years – a geological period known as the Quaternary. Sites from this period can be found by clicking on the menu button labelled DRIFT. There is also an exlanation, of the button’s label.
  • Everthying else, including older rocks, can be found under the menu button labelled SOLID.
  • The right-hand sidebar allows you to search by PLACE, or by the site’s description or TAG, or do a text based SEARCH of the site.
  • Shortened site descriptions will be released on the blog. These will link to the full site description pages.
  • If you would like to comment on blog entries or the sites themselves, you will need to register for the site. Please in touch via the CONTACT page.